All About the Comedy Series: Tires

All About the Comedy Series Tires

“Tires” tracks Shane Gillis’ career evolution, starting with its debut as a pilot on his YouTube channel in 2019. Despite the original video’s removal before its Netflix premiere, Gillis persisted and eventually filmed a full six-episode season. However, the show’s transition from its DIY beginnings to Netflix distribution reflects an awkward mix of Gillis’ grassroots style and his bigger ambitions.

While “Tires” offers quick, blunt, and occasionally funny content, it’s not likely to launch Gill’s into major fame. Instead, it captures his current position a co-creator, co-writer, and star navigating the space between indie roots and wider recognition, not quite part of his original self-sufficient world but not yet embraced by big-name tastemakers or casual audiences either.

The main cast includes Shane Gillis as Shane and Steve Gerben as Will.  Shane is the charismatic but bumbling employee at his uncle’s tire shop and Will is the level-headed heir to the business who is trying to maintain control.

Other cast members include Andrew Schulz, Stavros Halkias, Kilah Fox and Chris O’Connor.  This is the first time that Halkias and O’Connor have worked with Gillis and his crew. While Shane Gillis and Steve Gerben take center stage as the bickering cousin duo in “Tires,” the supporting cast adds depth and humor to the world of Valley Forge Automotive Center.

The supporting cast In “Tires” promises to be more than just background characters.  Each actor brings their own comedic sensibilities and unique energy to the table, creating a well-rounded ensemble that complements the central conflict between Shane and Will. 

Their interactions with the main characters and each other are sure to generate laughs, add depth to the narrative, and make Valley Forge Automotive Center a place viewers will enjoy spending time in.  So, keep an eye out for these talented performers as they add their own flavor to the hilarious world of “Tires.”

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Valley Forge Automotive Center Tires Shane Gillis Tee

Yo gearheads and comedy addict listen up! The Netflix series “Tires” is here to make you full with laughter, and guess what? You can be part of the crew with this limited-edition Shane Gillis Valley Forge Automotive Center T-shirt This isn’t your average gas station souvenir, folks. This tee is a complete inspired piece, a gift for anyone who appreciates basic car comedy and the greasy, hilarious world of mechanics. Not only Shane Gillis Steve Gerben also take style seriously in super chic

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Valley Forge Automotive Center Steve Gerben Polo Shirt

Show Off Your “Tires” Fandom: Let the world know you’re down with the hottest new car comedy on the block. This isn’t just any show; it’s a side-splitting joyride filled with relatable characters, outrageous situations, and enough car jokes to make your inner gearhead relatable (in the best way possible). Style this tee and become an instant mood everyone will want to know what the hype is about, and you can be their guide to the hilarious world of “Tires.” Steve Gerben Valley Forge Automotive Center Polo Shirt

Shane Gillis, the King of Quick Sarcasm:

Shane Gillis Tires Series

Shane Gillis is the comedic spark plug that powers “Tires.” His sharp wit and killer jokes will have you snorting laughter one minute and pondering the existential dread of a flat tire the next. This tee lets you show your support for the show’s leading man and his ability to find humor in the most unexpected places.  Who knows, maybe you’ll score some high fives from fellow fans after all, a shared love for Shane Gillis and “Tires” is a powerful bond.

Become Part of the Valley Forge Automotive Crew:

Forget car dealerships and fancy repair shops. Valley Forge Automotive Center is where the real magic happens in “Tires.”  This shirt lets you become a member of the crew, even if your mechanical skills are limited to changing a windshield wiper fluid (hey, it’s a start!).  Imagine the coolness you’ll feel when you wear this tee you’re no longer just a stranger, you’re part of the “Tires” family. 

Comfort Meets Coolness:

Let’s face it, true car enthusiasts and comedy fans deserve clothes that are as awesome as their taste. This tee isn’t just about the design (although, let’s be honest, the design is fire!), it’s also crafted from super soft fabric that feels like a freshly waxed car.  So, you can laugh all day long without sacrificing comfort that’s a win-win situation in our book.

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Pro tip: we know you are also secretly order Steve Gerben polo too!!!

Steve Gerben Tires Series

This limited-edition masterpiece isn’t just about looking good (although, let’s be real, you’ll be looking phenomenal). It’s a conversation starter, a gateway to a world of car and laughter. You’re chilling at a coffee shop, sporting your Shane Gillis Valley Forge Automotive Center tee.  Someone notices it and asks, “Hey, cool shirt! What’s that about?”  Suddenly, you’re launched into a passionate explanation about the genius of “Tires,” the comedic brilliance of Shane Gillis, You’ve not only made a new friend, you’ve become an ambassador for the show, spreading the joy of car comedy one conversation at a time.

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this opportunity slip through your greasy fingers! Grab your limited-edition Shane Gillis Valley Forge Automotive Center T-shirt today. Show your love for the show, represent your favorite mechanic crew, and prepare for a wild ride filled with laughter, car sarcasm, and maybe even a newfound appreciation for the hardworking folks who keep our vehicles running smoothly.  This tee is your passion for the “Tires” experience buckle up and get ready to have some serious fun!    

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