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Yellowjackets Series Merchandise

Yellowjackets is an American mystery series. The suspenseful show follows a high school girls’ soccer team from the ‘90s who survive a plane crash and find themselves lost and stranded in the woods. As the group deals with the aftermath of the crash, tragedy, death, and trauma, they also deal with the usual adolescent girl problems like friendship betrayals and exploring their sexualities, all while trying to stay alive long enough to be rescued.
The show takes place in 1996 and follows a team of teenage soccer players from New Jersey after their plane crashes on their way to a tournament in Seattle. They find themselves lost in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and find ways to survive for 19 months before they are rescued, and their friendships and sanities are put to the test. Things quickly get dark and eerie as they have to make tough decisions to keep themselves alive while dealing with their mysterious and sometimes terrifying surroundings. 
The dual timeline goes back and forth between the time of the accident and 25 years later. Viewers get to see how the tragic events that took place have affected the survivors—Shauna Sadecki, Taissa Turner, Natalie Scatorccio, and Misty Quigley—and how the haunting memories continue to follow them as adults. There is also a supernatural element to the show that creeps in throughout the season, while straight-up cannibalism and murder rituals also take place. Aside from the weirdness, there’s plenty of suspense, drama, and thrills that are good enough to keep millions of people hooked. 


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